6B Series Tractors (95-135 hp)

Easy and reliable – with its robust quality and great versatility,this four-wheel drive tractor is customized to meet your special needs, in order to come as close as possible to meeting expectations and offering you what you need: an uncomplicated machine that can withstand the hardest loads yet is still attractively priced.

Made for every challenge: The new John Deere 6B gives you more than you can imagine.

The new 6B by John Deere is reliable and flexible. This mechanically built tractor gives you exactly what you want, without making you pay for features you don’t need. You can even service it yourself if you prefer. And you know you can depend on the quality and durability of this tractor and its components. You have our word on it.

This tractor’s high quality is reflected in all areas: performance, uptime, operator comfort, cost of operation and a design that responds to the particular requirements on site. This all-rounder was made for hard work in agriculture. Thanks to its great performance and versatility, it shines in tillage and cultivation as well as in fertilization and pest management, in field and pasture, during transport, front loader work or in the yard.