The Rondomat consists of a leak-proof stainless steel container with a plastic floor (optional) to protect the environment from the entry of polluted water. Due to its low height, it is easy to fill with all the commonly-used loaders.

The heart of the feed system is the internal extractor blade, which rotates slowly around its own axis, in the form of opposing swords. Its special shape allows a high extraction rate with minimal effort.

The cylindrical shape of the Rondomat and the large diameter of the extractor blade prevent bridging.

The Double Rondomat is based on two circular tanks with the proven Rondomat feed system, each holding 10 m³. With a square/funnel-shaped attachment, the "Double Rondomat" can be expanded to a total of 40 m³.

Control and weighing technology
Fliegl Weighing Systems - Precision is their strength
standard on all Fliegl feed containers
accurate, safe and reliable
user friendly operation, including on-site troubleshooting via touch screen
optional wireless remote control and large text display for documentation of input materials
also available as an upgrade solution for Fliegl and their party products