BEST BIOENERGY CO., LTD. is the premium agricultural machinery provider and bioenergy consultant company. Our company was born from the co inspiration of highly skill professionals in bioenergy industry to serve the needs of renewable energy market in Thailand and Southeast Asia.

Due to the global changing and sharply increase of energy shortage crisis. Renewable energy is the best solution for industry to survive. One of the highest potential renewable energy is Bioenergy business which include Biogas and Biomass, the methods which most suitable for Southeast Asia - the land of plenty agricultural sources. We have many resources for serving Bioenergy business.

However, Bioenergy is the specific sciences that need specific knowledge, experiences, expertise and technology to implement in all processes.

BEST BIOENERGY has professional team who expert and has experiences in bioenergy field. We also gather Bioenergy world leadingĀ  companies in each aspect as partners supporting all process of Biogas and Biomass industry to help you the best success in your Bioenergy business.



Bioenergy Business

Bioenergy is becoming increasingly important in Southeast Asia. It is trend and significant opportunity to invest. Someone who can seek knowledge faster and know how to intelligent invest will be the one who success.

The overall of bioenergy business involve with 3 major factors:

Bioenergy Crop Management
(Raw Material)

Bioenergy Power Plants Management

Power Supply to government (concession)

The Raw Material factor is a key of success in this Bioenergy Business because this factor is determine as profit loss of overall business. This raw material cost is more than 70% of total production cost. And the factor to success in Raw Material management are :